The common procedure

At the first meeting I try to achieve complete relaxation, through lying on the big ball (physiball) use of sound & voice, specific acupressure points on the body and feet and guided imagery before the client falls asleep (which happens often).

I offer yoga exercises, shiatsu, meditation and voice practice.

In short the client receives a home program of self-healing that is created and revised during each session.

At the future sessions I follow up with all the changes and improvements.

A continuous conversation exists between us about breathing, methods of stress release, awareness, nutrition etc.

During the session I use the following props : Slant Board, Chi Machine, Hopi Candles, Musical Instruments and NetiĀ  Pot.

[For a complete list of the props in the clinic, click here].

One session does not necessarily bring a significant change to one’s health.

The success rate of each session depends on the :

– Mutual cooperation

– Gravity of disorder

– Persistence in executing the suggested exercises at home

The Self-Healing Method encourages the ability of every client to heal himself and improve his well being.

A session can last between 1-2 hours.

The partial results usually appear immediately.

The healing begins when complete relaxation is achieved.

It is a chain reaction, which takes place beyond the period of time spent in the studio.

It may last several hours after the session is finished, during several days.

My aim is to let people believe that they are in charge of their health, and my assistance is for only a limited period of time.

The moment that this is understood, my role is finished.