You can help your wellbeing

“Self Healing” is a holistic method of healing based on the theories of Vibration Medicine.

Self Healing is a journey of discovery on many levels, which brings beneficial results.

I myself began this journey some twenty years ago.

We do not heal ourselves because there are no healing methods, but because we are not knowledgeable with the way of how to deal with our condition. It is known that most diseases occur from stress in the weak part of our system.

The purpose of the therapy is to discover these weak parts, and bring them to harmony with the other parts of our system.

The Self Healing Method allows the client to become a keen observer, active partner and being aware of the healing process.

It empowers the client to use his own resources and unlock his ability to heal.

This complete participation of the client in his healing process leads to elimination of limited beliefs and emotions which often accompany sickness and disability.