Life Force

Life Force Qi

Qi or Life Force is our most precious gift received from our parents, the moment we were born.

When Qi is abundant and is freely flowing, we feel terrific : no sickness, no depression, no fatigue.

The key to good health and longevity is through protecting and replenishing this personal Qi.

Yet everyday, through poor habits and unconscious pattern of thoughts, we deplete our personal storehouse of Qi.

Learning how to preserve and direct our Qi and gather the beneficial Qi of the environment is the purpose of Qi gong.

Qi gong is Chinese soft internal exercises that focus on increasing, circulating and preserving Qi within the body.

Through postural alignment, breath regulation and inner concentration, Qi gong releases habitual tensions and break through internal blockages.

The organs get massage as if our hands have been used.

Through mental focus, the center of gravity is lowered to a place that serves as a Qi reservoir (Dantien).

Qi gong practitioners achieve a state in which cortical brain activity (thinking) is inhibited.

Thus exhausted nerve cells in the cortex are rejuvenated and physical renewal is enhanced.

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