Meeting with the Universe

I suppose such a thing happens sometimes to everybody. It happened several times to me during the week of

December 4-10, 1995. All the mighty energies came to join in a place close to the sea.

So I came to Hilton Head Island to meet my inner core. I realized that almost all of my ideas and intuitions about

healing and approaches to healing therapies have been confirmed. I had conversations with many people.

We shared our knowledge and insight into different mind-body connections and often I heard AHAs .


The Psychology of Health, Immunity& Disease International Conference was extremely well organized. It featured an international acclaimed faculty, including:


Joan Borisenko, PhD

James Gordon, MD

Larry LeShan, PhD

Emmett Miller, MD

Belleruth Naparstek, LISW

Christine Northrup, MD

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Bernie Siegel, MD

Frances Vaughan, PhD

Fred Alan Wolf, PhD


Some of the workshops I attended were:

  • The Body-Mind-Spirit Reunion by John Upledger, Do, OMM
  • Energy Healing by Judith Lee Cohen RN, Th
  • Shifting Right and Left by Deborah Franke Ogg, MSW,CSW
  • Honoring Body-Mind Integration by Ilana Rubenfield


I believe that I was enriched with all the newest conceptions of the end of the 20th Century. It will take months

to fully absorb, read, listen and watch all that I brought home from the conferenceI strongly recommend it

to colleagues, students, clients, friends and their spouses .


Appeared in the MAYA – Mid Atlantic Yoga Association- journal 1996

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