Special Therapy for Learning Disable children/adult

A child /adult who has Learning Disability LD is prone to stress.

He might behave and react differently in certain situations and be frustrated by his disability.

All the above provoke irritability, fear, resistance to change and leads to stress.

LD disorders are evident in low frequency brain waves.

People effected by LD have poor concentration, inappropriate organization skills and lack of control of impulses.

I devised a workout program which help people to become more adapted to the school environment. They will be more confident and comfortable with themselves and their bodies. They will be more focused, will improve their memory and will be more in control of their emotions.

The program is based on achieving complete relaxation.

It includes yoga and breathing exercises, self acupressure, visualization, adequate diet, toning, and drawing classes.

This approach calms and relaxes the spirit, and is beneficial to cure emotional imbalances, anxiety, anger and depression.

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