The Importance of Breathing Properly

We take breathing for granted. Few of us are aware that incorrect, shallow breathing habits

shorten our life, reduce our vital forces and make us susceptible to all kinds of disease


It was found that a deep breath releases a substance in the body called endorphin, which controls

and regulates the function of various human organs and is effective in maintaining both mental

and physical comfort.


Studies conducted to compare the lung function of different age groups show that pulmonary

capacity reaches a peak during the early part of life. After that, lung capacity decreases gradually

from year to year. It is therefore most important for middle aged people to master the breathing

techniques necessary to maintain high respiratory capacity for as long as possible.


You yourself can contribute to your health. A good way to learning proper breathing is through

practicing yoga. A few relatively simple and pleasant exercises done regularly can dramatically

improve your breathing, which then will increase your vitality and sense of well being.

Proper breathing improves the circulation of blood, can alleviate stress related ailments and

induce sleep.


The breath is the key to self awareness. Various studies on respiration have revealed that there is

a close relationship between regular, unconscious breathing and a person’s emotional state.

When your breathing is shallow, you do not really have control of your emotions.

If you increase the capacity of your breaths, making them long, deep and gentle you can gain

full awareness of yourself.


The more aware you can become of yourself, all parts of yourself, the more alive you will be to

experience the wonders of life.


Appeared in the World Bank Volunteer Services (monthly journal) September 1990

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