Musical Instruments

01. Shrudhibox

02. Gong

03. Chimes

04. Quartz Crystal Bowls [to full explanation click here]

05. Tibetan Bowls

06. Bells

07. Tinksha

08. Flute

09. Kondula

10. Tuning Forks

11. Thumb Piano

12. Rain Stick

13. Drums

14. Percussion Frog

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Tools for Session

1- Slant board for changing the gravity’s effect

2- Body Lift for shoulder stand

3- Device for Reflexology

4- Physiology Ball for Relaxation and Back Pain

5- Sun Harmony – Vibratory Machine

6- Armchair for Reflexology Session

7- Device for Digestion Problems

8- Heavy Pillow for Breathing Demonstration

9- Curve Shaper for female body

10-Penny Bag for Knee Problem

11-Thera Cane for Pain on the Back

12-Pair of Chinese Metallic Ball for Arthritis

13-Thumb Piano for Arthritis

14-Aromathic Eye Pillow

15-Candle Stick for Focus and Memory Improvement

16-Hopi Candle for Ear Problems

17-Neti Pot for Breathing and Sinus

18-Bamboo Stick for Circulation Problems

19-Selection of Semi Precious Stones

20-Yoga accessories


22-Special Pillow for Meditation

23-Bonger: Ball device for Back Pain


25-Yantra for Meditation

26-Educational Doll for Acupressure Points and Meridian Channels

27-Spinal Column for educational purpose

28-Malla for Meditation

29-Wooden Pillow for Neck Pain


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Types of Sessions

Individual Sessions :







Use of Voice and Sounds [for more details click here]

Improvement of health conditions through Ear Cleaning

Release of Stress with the help of different props

Support for Autistic Children Family

For pregnant women voice & sounds induce easier delivery


Workshops offered :


Prevention and care for back pain

Stress Release through yoga

Weight Management through yoga and other health modalities

Chakra Breathing

Concentration and Memory improvement

Insomnia release through yoga

Correlation between Stress – Emotions – Internal Organs

Meditative Concert [to the full explanation click here]

Special Workshop for People with Learning Disability

[to the full explanation click here]

Demo for use of Quartz Crystal Bowls.

Overtone workshop


Others :


Guesthouse for one /two days, including sessions/lectures/nutrition for the individual’s need.

Birthday activities

Summer Camp

Personal training in case of hospitalization , or long term malady.


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Vibration Medicine

V.M. attempts to treat people with pure energy.

Conventional medicine is misguided by the notion that one can cure an illness by physically repairing or eliminating abnormal cellular systems.

Consciousness itself is a kind of energy that is integrally related to the cellular expression of the physical body.

Consciousness participates in the continuous creation of either health or illness.

Matter and energy are known to be interchangeable. It means that one cannot only convert matter into energy, but it should be possible to convert energy into matter. Matter is composed of highly complex energy fields.

If matter has light -like properties, then it is probable that matter may have frequency.

It has density or slower frequency.

The science field is at the threshold of discovering a hidden world of unseen energies that will help to diagnose and heal illness as well as allow researchers to gain new insights into the hidden potentials of consciousness.

We are multidimensional beings, more than just flesh and bones, cells and proteins.

We are beings in dynamic equilibrium with the universe of energy and light and of many different frequencies and forms.

We are electromagnetic beings. This implies that we can be affected by energy.

It is a new way of thinking.


Healing with modalities such as flower essence, gem elixirs and homeopathy is possible and is based upon an understanding of our subtle energetic anatomy such as the etheric body.

These modalities can influence and improve human functioning and heal illness.

The etheric body is composed of matter of a higher frequency than physical matter.

Our physical form is intimately related to etheric and other subtle energetic interference patterns which determine the flow of the life-force. When the relationship between the higher vibration energies and physical matter is understood, we will be better able to comprehend the patterns governing the flow of the life-force through the physical body.

V.M. approaches are proven effective because they are able to positively influence the human body’s subtle energetic pathways.

These pathways include the acupuncture of the meridian system, the chakras and the etheric body.


Matter and energy are two different manifestations of the same energetic substance and of which everything in the universe is composed, including our physical and subtle bodies.

The vibratory rate of this universal energy determines the density of its expression as matter.

Matter which vibrates at a very slow frequency is referred to as physical matter.

That which vibrates at speeds exceeding light velocity is known as subtle matter.

Subtle matter is as real as dense matter; its vibratory rate is simply faster.


Fear by its depressing effect on our mentality, thus causes disharmony in our physical and magnetic bodies and paves the way for bacterial invasion.

The real cause of disease lies in our own personality.

We need to understand the energetic relationship of the higher mind to the magnetic qualities of the higher subtle bodies.

Qualities of mind and emotion that are expressed through the brain and physical nervous system are a product of energetic input from the etheric, astral and mental bodies.

When a flower essence, homeopathic remedy, or gem elixir is ingested, they follow a specific path through the physical and subtle bodies. They are initially assimilated into the circulatory system.

Next, the remedy settles mid-way between the circulatory and nervous systems.

An electromagnetic current is created by the polarity of these two systems. The life -force and consciousness.

The life force works more through the blood and the consciousness works more through the brain and nervous systems.

The two systems contain quartz-like properties, and an electromagnetic current.

The blood cells, especially the red and white blood cells, contain more electromagnetic current.

The life-force and consciousness use these properties to enter and stimulate the physical body.

From midway between the nervous and circulatory systems the remedy usually moves directly to the meridians.

From the meridians the remedy’s life-force enters the various subtle bodies, the chakras, or returns directly to the physical body to the cellular level through several portals midway between the nervous and circulatory system. Its path is determined by the type of remedy and the person’s constitution.


Therapists like Dr. Carl Simonton, who have worked w. cancer patients to change negative attitudes and self -images, have found that aggressive attitudes toward survival, and strong will to live, have a positive effect on survival from advanced malignancies.

Their treatment programs sought not only to mobilize patient’s immune systems but to change dysfunctional emotional patterns and attitudes which contributed to their illnesses via meditation, imagery, and a variety of other techniques.

When disease occurs, it is a signal that we are constricting the natural flow of life energy through our multidimensional bodies.


Health and wellness are a reflection of the normal unimpeded flow of higher vibration energies through the body/mind/spirit.

Each person may be viewed as a channel or conduit of many different kinds of energy. We each take food, water, air, light, sound, and various types of sensory stimulation, as well as other less well-recognized inputs including prana, ch’i, and psycho-spiritual energies of a more subtle nature. Within the many levels of our multidimensional anatomy, we transform these energy inputs, using them to maintain, rebuild and heal our bodies. In turn, we release or express a variety of outputs.

These outputs include the more obvious biological or physical wastes in the form of carbon dioxide, sweat, urine, and feces, the by-products of energy metabolism. In addition, we express a number of other outputs such as physical work and communication in the forms of creative expression.

On a higher level, we are also expressing psycho spiritual energies and communication through our subtle bodies and chakras.


Diseases caused by contaminated air and water and poor nutritional intake are given prime attention by traditional doctors.

But proper energy output at the level of our emotional energy structure is also essential for the attainment and maintenance of high-level wellness.

This implies that we must not only release our biological wastes, but as human beings we need to dump our emotional garbage as well.

If we do not allow ourselves to forgive others for their mistakes and if we continue to hold onto old hostilities, unresolved anger, guilt and the psychic wounds of previous hurts, then negativity will build up and eat away at us like seeping toxic wastes.


Once we have learned the real reasons for feeling ill, we must begin to make lasting changes that will result in healing on many simultaneous levels.

We must accept responsibility for our own lives. People must be taught and educated about the interrelationship between their bodies, minds, emotions and spiritual energies.

If we understand that we are primarily spiritual beings working through the limitations of physical bodies, our consciousness will begin to change.

If we comprehend the real reasons for our illnesses, we will agree that the physician cannot absolve us of our own responsibility simply by giving us a prescription or having to undergo an operation.


We are in a time when a more enlightened higher consciousness is desperately needed to work through and solve our many social, economic, ecological and diverse planetary problems.

There is a powerful driving force at work from the higher dimensional planes which is accelerating the process of spiritual transformation and enlightenment for many.


As more people begin to meditate and explore the inner guidance of their Higher Selves, they will kindle a tremendous energy for self-healing and wellness.

They will awaken and unleash the stress-releasing capacities of the nervous system. In addition, these powerful psychic forces will begin to open and cleanse the chakras and the human brain itself to activate the hidden psychic potentials of higher consciousness.

Eventually the energies of love and healing will be able to transform the planet Earth into a place of greater peace and balance.

When we begin to heal ourselves and learn that fear and misunderstanding is the root cause of much illness, distress, and suffering, we will begin to replace hate, prejudice, and distrust w. love and cooperation.

Seeing our own problems and inabilities reflected in the faces of those around us, we exaggerate our fears in a viciously expanding cycle. We begin to project our fear and insanity onto the world, making it seem that the problem is coming from out there when, in fact, it originates from within our egos.

The only way to break this vicious cycle of confused thinking and illness is through love and forgiveness and a greater awareness of the healing potential of love.

Then we begin to heal ourselves from the highest level of spirit down to the physical.

Only then can we truly love and accept ourselves.

Once we love ourselves, it becomes easier to love those around us.



Excerpt from the book : VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE – New Choices for Healing Ourselves, by Richard Gerber, M.D.


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Offered Workshops

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רוח גבית

לכל המתנדבים שלקחו חלק בפסטיבל.

ת ו ד ה !!!!!

היה מדהים, היה ייחודי, היה מרגש והיה נהדר.

אנחנו ממש רוצים להודות לכם, כי בלעדיכם, כל זה לא היה ניתן. קשה לי לדמיין איך הכל היה נראה ללא רוח ההתנדבות והרצון לעזור והשפע שנתתם.

כל אחד בתחומו וביכולתו גרמתם ללב של כולנו להיפתח. אילן שמרכז ואחראי על המשתתפים כתב לנו שהוא לא זוכר מתי למשתתפים היה כל כך כיף.

ראינו אותם כשווים, התייחסנו אליהם כשווים וכתוצאה מכך לדעתי אנחנו הרווחנו חוויה של נתינה וסיפוק שלא חווים כל יום. 

אז באמת, כל הכבוד לכל מי שהיה ובא וסמך על עצמו, למרות שלא ידעתם בדיוק לאן אתם באים ומה הולך לקרות.

האירוע היה קסום וכולנו שותפים ליצירה.

אז תודה רבה רבה וכולי תקווה שנמשיך לעבוד ביחד וליצור מקומות כאלו גם בעתיד.

חיבוק גדול והמון אהבה, עירית וטל.  

ופתחנו קבוצה בפייסבוק לשיתוף ופידבקים וככה סתם בשביל הכיף, מוזמנים להצטרף:

בית אורן

רצינו להודות מקרב לב על התנדבותך ביום המקסים בבני ציון,
בעזרתך היום הזה היה פשוט…מושלם,
אנחנו נהננו והתרגשנו עד בלי די,
וקיבלנו פידבקים מדהימים מהמשתתפים, שכמונו הרגישו כך,
מי יתן ויהיו לנו עוד ימים קסומים בהם נוכל לתת מכשרונותינו ובעיקר מליבנו לחבר’ה מדהימים כאלו,
מצורף מתכון לעוגיות השוקולד צ’יפס, על פי בקשת הקהל…
בקרוב יעלה לרשת אתר רוח גבית , כמובן שנעדכן ויותר מנשמח להיות בקשר,
שוב תודות,
טל ועירית

רוח גבית
טל פייגנסון (כרים סנטוש) 0523965035
עירית לבנון 0546445868


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Meeting with the Universe

I suppose such a thing happens sometimes to everybody. It happened several times to me during the week of

December 4-10, 1995. All the mighty energies came to join in a place close to the sea.

So I came to Hilton Head Island to meet my inner core. I realized that almost all of my ideas and intuitions about

healing and approaches to healing therapies have been confirmed. I had conversations with many people.

We shared our knowledge and insight into different mind-body connections and often I heard AHAs .


The Psychology of Health, Immunity& Disease International Conference was extremely well organized. It featured and international acclaimed faculty, including:


Joan Borisenko, PhD

James Gordon, MD

Larry LeShan, PhD

Emmett Miller, MD

Belleruth Naparstek, LISW

Christine Northrup, MD

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Bernie Siegel, MD

Frances Vaughan, PhD

Fred Alan Wolf, PhD


Some of the workshops I attended were:

  • The Body-Mind-Spirit Reunion by John Upledger, Do, OMM
  • Energy Healing by Judith Lee Cohen RN, Th
  • Shifting Right and Left by Deborah Franke Ogg, MSW,CSW
  • Honoring Body-Mind Integration by Ilana Rubenfield


I believe that I was enriched with all the newest conceptions of the end of the 20th Century. It will take months

to fully absorb, read, listen and watch all that I brought home from the conferenceI strongly recommend it

to colleagues, students, clients, friends and their spouses .


Appeared in the MAYA – Mid Atlantic Yoga Association- journal 1996

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The Importance of Breathing Properly

We take breathing for granted. Few of us are aware that incorrect, shallow breathing habits

shorten our life, reduce our vital forces and make us susceptible to all kinds of disease


It was found that a deep breath releases a substance in the body called endorphin, which controls

and regulates the function of various human organs and is effective in maintaining both mental

and physical comfort.


Studies conducted to compare the lung function of different age groups show that pulmonary

capacity reaches a peak during the early part of life. After that, lung capacity decreases gradually

from year to year. It is therefore most important for middle aged people to master the breathing

techniques necessary to maintain high respiratory capacity for as long as possible.


You yourself can contribute to hour health. A good way to learning proper breathing is through

practicing yoga. A few relatively simple and pleasant exercises done regularly can dramatically

improve your breathing, which then will increase your vitality and sense of well being.

Proper breathing improves the circulation of blood, can alleviate stress related ailments and

induce sleep.


The breath is the key to self awareness. Various studies on respiration have revealed that there is

a close relationship between regular, unconscious breathing and a person’s emotional state.

When your breathing is shallow, you do not really have control of your emotions.

If you increase the capacity of your breaths, making them long, deep and gentle you can gain

full awareness of yourself.


The more aware you can become of yourself, all parts of yourself, the more alive you will be to

experience the wonders of life.


Appeared in the World Bank Volunteer Services (monthly journal) September 1990

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תרפיה מיוחדת לקשיי למידה לילדים /מבוגרים

ילד/מבוגר הסובל מקשיי למידה הינו חשוף למתח.

הוא עלול להתנהג אחרת במצבים מסוימים ולהיות מתוסכל.

כל זה גורם לרגזנות, פחד, והתנגדות לשינוי כלשהו שמוביל למתח.

הפרעות קשיי למידה הן עדות לתדר נמוך בגלי המוח.

אנשים עם בעיות של קשיי למידה סובלים מריכוז נמוך , כושר התארגנות לקוי וחוסר שליטה רגשית.

פיתחתי תרפיה שעוזרת לאנשים, להסתגל לסביבת בית ספר.

הם יפתחו בטחון עצמי, ירגישו נוח עם עצמם ועם אחרים.

הם יהיו מרוכזים יותר, ישפרו את הזיכרון וישתלטו על הרגשות שלהם.

התרפיה מבוססת על השגת הרפיה מושלמת.

התרפיה כוללת יוגה, תרגילי נשימה, הדמיה, טעינה קולית ,נקודות לחיצה, תזונה וציור.

גישה זו מרגיעה , מרפאה את הנפש ומועילה לריפוי מצבי חוסר איזון כגון פחד, כעס ודיכאון.

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Creative Yoga Therapy



The Self-Healing method called : “Creative Yoga Therapy” – CYTH – integrates yoga, shiatsu, reflexology, qi-gong

[to the full explanation click here] and sound therapy.

CYTH is a creative holistic technique designed to nurture, revitalize and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

The therapy addresses the root causes of the client’s complaint.

Sessions are tailored to the exact needs of the client. It includes exercises, massage, breathing, visualization and mostly relaxation.




Increases joint movement and range of motion

Expands and deepens breathing

Increases blood circulation

Releases emotions stored in the body

Relaxes muscle tightness

Promotes a state of total relaxation

Enhances Immune System

Facilitates a state of unity between body, mind & spirit.

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