Tools for Session

1- Slant board for changing the gravity’s effect

2- Body Lift for shoulder stand

3- Device for Reflexology

4- Physiology Ball for Relaxation and Back Pain

5- Sun Harmony – Vibratory Machine

6- Armchair for Reflexology Session

7- Device for Digestion Problems

8- Heavy Pillow for Breathing Demonstration

9- Curve Shaper for female body

10-Penny Bag for Knee Problem

11-Thera Cane for Pain on the Back

12-Pair of Chinese Metallic Ball for Arthritis

13-Thumb Piano for Arthritis

14-Aromathic Eye Pillow

15-Candle Stick for Focus and Memory Improvement

16-Hopi Candle for Ear Problems

17-Neti Pot for Breathing and Sinus

18-Bamboo Stick for Circulation Problems

19-Selection of Semi Precious Stones

20-Yoga accessories


22-Special Pillow for Meditation

23-Bonger: Ball device for Back Pain


25-Yantra for Meditation

26-Educational Doll for Acupressure Points and Meridian Channels

27-Spinal Column for educational purpose

28-Malla for Meditation

29-Wooden Pillow for Neck Pain


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