Types of Sessions

Individual Sessions :







Use of Voice and Sounds [for more details click here]

Improvement of health conditions through Ear Cleaning

Release of Stress with the help of different props

Support for Autistic Children Family

For pregnant women voice & sounds induce easier delivery


Workshops offered :


Prevention and care for back pain

Stress Release through yoga

Weight Management through yoga and other health modalities

Chakra Breathing

Concentration and Memory improvement

Insomnia release through yoga

Correlation between Stress – Emotions – Internal Organs

Meditative Concert [to the full explanation click here]

Special Workshop for People with Learning Disability

[to the full explanation click here]

Demo for use of Quartz Crystal Bowls.

Overtone workshop


Others :


Guesthouse for one /two days, including sessions/lectures/nutrition for the individual’s need.

Birthday activities

Summer Camp

Personal training in case of hospitalization , or long term malady.


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